Mission Japan Festival
to the World

The GLOBAL JAPAN FESTIVAL FEDERATION will support Japan Festivals around the world under the theme of "Bringing Japan to the World" and will support companies, individuals and organizations that challenge the world with the development of Japan Festivals.


Vision Information and networking

By having Japan-related events such as Japan Festivals around the world become members of GJFF, GJFF members, including Japanese companies, cultural artists and organizations will be able to share resources regarding event organizations and their local areas.


Value Support for companies, individuals, and organizations challenging the world

We will hold an annual general meeting where all Japan Festival organizations around the world can meet. Meetings, seminars, workshops and other events (real and online) will be held on a regular basis to help these organizations promote their projects. In addition, Japanese companies, local governments, artists, and organizations are encouraged to participate in events such as the Japan Festival, which attracts a large number of visitors, and to take advantage of the latest local information provided by these organizations to help GJFF members make the most of this network.